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Sunshine Yoga & Health takes you on an authentic yoga journey. You are offered a vast variety of gentle, flowing and slow yoga, breathing, meditation and guided relaxation,  qi gong, psoas muscle releases and energisation.

Health, fitness, connection and mindfulness will inspire you to care more about yourself, others and life in general.

Flexibility, strength, confidence, energy, vitality, breath, relaxation, connection and centredness, all come with Sunshine Yoga.

Healthy Exercise
The Zen Chi Machine

We all wish for a healthy and pain-free life! The Zen Chi Machine can assist, with its gently moving wave-like motion that helps the human body to reinstate its equilibrium.

Working on the anatomical structure, the movement sends a balanced energy wave from the feet to the head. The health benefits include: improved circulation, oxygenation and detoxification plus lymph drainage, spinal alignment and mental focus. It is a wonderful destresser and releases both muscular and emotional tension.

There are many layers to health and the Zen Chi has the capability of recharging energy so the cells are balanced. This in turn uplifts us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Deb of Sunshine Yoga has been personally using the Zen Chi for over 20 years and would not be without this wonderful little machine.

Upcoming Yoga Events

Get away from the stress of daily life and recharge your soul with our highly personal retreats. Lyn has been holding these for over 20 years and loves to teach as she travels. Below are the upcoming retreats so make sure you reserve your experience before they are fully booked.

Lord Howe Island NSW Holiday

7 and 9 Nights
Lord Howe Island, NSW

Sunshine Yoga & Health’s specialised and unique yoga, relaxation and adventure holidays need to be experienced at least once in your life! Lyn and her groups travel to unique and luxury locations all over the world.

Lord Howe Island has been a favourite since 1996. With its isolation, no crowds, amazing walks and world-renowned hikes (easy to advanced), prolific bird life and an amazing coral reef to snorkel plus top-rated restaurants and cafes. The pristine crystal-clear turquoise waters that surround this small island allow for swimming, kayaking, surfing plus beach walks, sunsets, and sunrises. There is yoga, early morning energisation and tours which are all part of this luxurious holiday. Some fresh-made meals are provided however the restaurants and cafes are world-class.

Sunshine Coast Qld Retreat

3 Nights
Amara Retreat Centre, Qld

The Amara Retreat Centre is a privately owned facility surrounded by 44 acres of beautiful rolling grassland and native bush. It is adjacent to the renowned Noosa Hinterland.

Lyn Thomas of Sunshine Yoga offers this unique and authentic yoga and relaxation retreat once a year.

With a full and varied program of slow flowing yoga, heaps of breath work, meditation, energisation, qigong and guided relaxations, you are guaranteed a  nourishing and amazingly fulfilling experience.  

Health and wellness is the theme, which has been Lyn’s life’s work. Therefore nutritious, tasty fresh-made meals are proudly provided for you. Massage is an optional extra, along with the steam room and magnesium swimming pool.

Time Out Day Workshop Brisbane

1 Day 9.30am-3.30pm
Nundah, Brisbane, Qld

Sunshine Yoga & Health created these day workshops over 2 decades ago in order to provide a day to get-away-from-it-all.

An important part of health is giving yourself a break to rejuvenate and relax and this is exactly what this day is about.

You will recharge your batteries by switching off your busy mind and leaving your responsibilities outside the door. 

The varied program includes slow flowing yoga routines for back, neck, shoulders, psoas muscle releases,  breathing (pranayama), qigong, meditation and wonderful guided relaxations. 

A fresh-made, nutritious lunch is provided.

 Your Instructor

Meet Lyn Thomas

Lyn Thomas’ history of Yoga and Health …

Lyn’s history stems from the 1960s. She says “when I was a child in New Zealand. I took to yoga like a duck to water and have never ceased to be involved. I was teaching yoga long before I became ‘qualified’. The influence was my mother, Marion, who was also a yoga enthusiast and teacher.

Many years of personal practice in many styles of yoga led to a natural transition into teaching”.

  • Dip.IYTA AUS 1985;
  • Cert.YTT Ananda Yoga USA 1993;
  • Founder & Director of Sunshine Yoga& Health 1996;
  • Producer of yoga and relaxation videos, dvd’s, cd’s;
  • Creator of Sunshine Yoga & Health’s YouTube Channel

Energise, Enjoy and Connect With You.

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What People Say

Thank you Lyn for an amazing ‘first retreat’ to Stradbroke Island. It was perfectly timed giving me much needed time out for myself. I returned home feeling relaxed, rested, rejuvenated and ready to take on life again.
Petrie, Brisbane
Nepal was an AMAZING adventure Lyn. I could have continued trekking for another 6 days! My resting pulse went from the 80’s to 64. it was so very rejuvenating.
Annerley, Brisbane
How can I ever begin to thank you Lyn for the special journey you led us on at Lord Howe Island. She is a magical place – so much energy and beauty! I so cherish our walks and talks. It is one of the most magical and surreal places I have been.
West End, Brisbane

Why Become Part Of Our Family?





Inspiration comes from Lyn’s journey with over five decades of yoga, meditation, health, wellness and adventure. Passion and authenticity merge with her deep desire to share knowledge and experience that she has gathered over these many years.

Lyn believes that change instigates growth and adds the sparkle that connects us with our life’s purpose. “Being in one’s own personal power is the ultimate to life”, says Lyn. Her desired outcome with her work is to offer tools which can be easily assimilated into daily life.

“With simple tools, people can find their personal power and take care of themselves, achieving long term health and wellness on all levels. It is a wonderful gift to give oneself”, she says.

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