Sunshine Chi Machine + Sheepskin Cover – Creating Oxygenation Through Movement


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‘Creating Oxygenation through Movement’

Just 10 to 15 minutes twice a day will increase energy, ease back, neck, shoulder pain,  ease lymphoedema, increase oxygen and circulation, clear lymphatics, release stress & tension, create relaxation and adds a passive aerobic exercise.
The Sunshine Chi Machine creates a gentle side-to-side, wave-like motion.  When you use this Chi Machine for 15 minutes, it equates to a 40 minute walk.  The Sunshine Chi Machine has the ability to increase health and wellness inside and out, when used daily. It will ….
..increase intake and absorption of oxygen ..stress release ..increase energy ..promote relaxation,
..release back, shoulder and neck pain and discomfort ..assist with fluid retention and poor circulation, varicose veins, jumpy leg syndrome ..lymphatic support      …  and the list goes on


I am enjoying my Zen Chi machine and am going slow and steady as I have a sore knee (torn meniscus and burst baker’s cyst). Thank you for your advice to place a pillow under my knees for support whilst it is still a bit painful.

The Zen Chi is going really well. I am, noticing changes already …  sleeping better; muscles are freeing up and even my husband is getting in to using it. I’ve been using the Zen Chi for 15 years. This is my third machine and I just can’t live without them!

I bought my first Zen Chi 20 years ago and have never put it away. It is the most marvellous little machine for so many reasons – energy, relieving pain, relaxing, sleeping better and sometimes it just makes me stop so I can’t do anything for 10 minutes!!


Sunshine Chi Machine
‘Oxygenation through Movement’

Just 10 to 30 minutes daily will improve blood circulation, digestion, stimulate energy, clear lymphatics, align the spine; it increases oxygen absorption and exercise joints and muscles. By simply lying on the floor, ankles resting in the ankle cradle, click the remote timer and speed, close your eyes, breathe slow and gentle and think happy calming thoughts! The ‘fish-tail’ like movement gently relaxes you and allows the Sunshine Chi Machine to do its work while you receive all the benefits.


We are loving our Zen Machine. My husband and I use it twice a day and love the complete relaxation after it stops. My sons – 20 and 21 – are using it too. They are fit; however they are enjoying adding the chi machine into their daily exercise/rolling/stretching routine.

I don’t know how I survived so long without the Sunshine Chi Machine. I look forward to getting home every day and just laying down and letting the machine do its thing, while I meditate. It sure is Zen! I am so very pleased I invested in this machine. It is a good starting point on my healing journey.  IR Qld

I bought my first Chi Machine 20 years ago and have never put it away. It is the most marvellous little machine for so many reasons – energy, relieving pain, relaxing, sleeping better and sometimes it just makes me stop so I can’t do anything for 10 minutes!! BT, Perth


The wave-like motion of the Chi Machine gently moves your body from side-to-side and creates movement from your feet up to your head. This movement stimulates and relaxes the sympathetic nervous system. This movement causes the bronchi and alveoli (small tubes that branch out from the lungs) to relax and expand. These tiny bronchi and alveoli connect through a semipermeable membrane with the smallest of blood vessels of the circulatory system.

The expansion of the bronchi and alveoli allow more oxygen to pass from the lungs in to the circulatory system. When in the circulatory system, the oxygen moves to ALL cells of the body. Note that oxygen is the source of our physical life and the more oxygen circulating, the healthier our cells become and in turn the more health and healing we experience on a day to day basis.


The motion of the Sunshine Chi Machine is a subtle side-to-side movement which offers many health benefits … energetically, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • Increases oxygen levels and distributes, via the blood stream, throughout the body.
  • Promotes a more restful sleep.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Can increase detoxification.
  • Relaxes muscles and nerves.
  • Relieves tension in back, neck and shoulders.
  • Instigates deep relaxation of body and mind.
  • Can relieve many painful ailments – aches and pains.
  • Well known for aiding relief of sciatic pain.
  • Restores the body’s equilibrium (state of balance).
  • Cellular absorption of oxygen and nutrients is greatly improved.
  • Increases energy.
  • Fastens metabolism.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system through movement.
  • Relieves tension caused by fatigue or over exertion.
  • Improves organ function.
  • Many benefits for the individual who cannot exercise.

Strong Joints: The swaying motion of the Sunshine Chi Machine exercises all joints in the human body. Good blood circulation due to increased oxygen absorption can alleviate the pain of arthritis and rheumatism caused by oxygen deficiency.

Reduced Muscle Fatigue:  When exercising or working too hard, muscle fatigue is likely to occur. Increasing one’s metabolism with aerobic exercise can eliminate muscle fatigue.

Reduced Respiratory System Disease:  External respiration is defined as the process of exchanging carbon dioxide from the blood for oxygen from the outside air. Internal respiration is defined as the process that provides oxygen to cells and carries the product of metabolism, carbon dioxide, to the lungs. Sufficient aerobic exercise, using the Sunshine Chi Machine can normalise both external and internal respiration and therefore can prevent diseases of the respiratory system.

Enhanced Internal Organ Functions:  The swaying motion of the Sunshine Chi Machine can massage internal organs to help peristalsis, lessen the chance of constipation and assist in alleviating vulnerability to disease. Also, the overall effect of aerobic exercise, emphasising the waist and belly, may help one lose weight.

Balanced Autonomic Nervous System:  The autonomic nervous system is responsible for controlling the body’s metabolism. An unbalanced autonomic nervous system can cause nervousness, anxiety, peristaltic diseases, fatigue, and constipation. The Sunshine Chi Machine improves the body’s metabolism which may prevent many of the problems mentioned above.

Increased Breathing Capacity:  Aerobic exercise enhances the oxygen carrying ability of the blood, activates cells, and urges metabolism by increasing blood circulation and delivery of blood to peripheral nerves.

Improved Bodily Fluid Base Acid Equilibrium:  Perfect physical condition is achieved when fluid has a low alkaline content. The fluid base equilibrium varies according to food, exercise, climate, and environment. Exercising with the Sunshine Chi Machine may help one attain a good fluid base and equilibrium.

Strengthened Spinal Column: The vertebrae are the most important support systems of the human body. Frequently, the vertebrae (which control the autonomic nervous system) and the nervous system cannot operate properly due to trauma, scoliosis, or other spinal problems. The Sunshine Chi Machine can help strengthen the muscles around the spine and therefore help prevent injury and disease, assisting the body naturally to realign.


  • Firstly, drink a glass of filtered water (room temperature or warm), prior to using the Sunshine Chi Machine.
  • Chose, if possible, a quiet ‘zen’ space – however, it works regardless of what space you use!!
  • Place the Sunshine Chi on a solid surface, lie down, align your body, resting feet (just above ankles) in the ankle cradle.
  • On the machine, click the ‘On’ switch, which lights up.
  • On the remote control, press the ‘swing‘ button (speed will show as 5). Press the hyphen ( – ) button and bring the speed to ‘3’  or ‘4’, only.
  • On the remote control, press the ‘timer’ button (time will show as 5). Press the plus (+) button and increase time up to 15 minutes (only after you have used the machine several times – please begin your journey with just 5 minutes).  The Sunshine Chi Machine will stop automatically.
  • Placing arms just away from your body, palms face up and close your eyes. Relaxbreathe deeply and feel your whole body gently move from side to side.
  • The more you relax the greater the sensation of movement from your toes up to your head.
  • You may feel different sensations in your body each time you use the Zen Machine
  • When the machine stops, remain lying down for at least 30 seconds and enjoy the tingling sensation of Chi Energy moving through your body.
  • Two 15-minute sessions per day is the recommended maximum time.

FIRST TIME USER : Start with just 5 minutes and build up to 15 minutes
FREQUENT USER : Maximum recommended time is 15 minutes … twice a day
IDEAL SPEED : Set the speed to No. 3 or No. 4.  There is no value whatsoever in using a higher speed than No. 4. In fact, I believe it is not good for you and can imbalance our physical and energetic body.

1-year manufacturer’s warranty on materials and workmanship (carry-in-warranty). If the machine is faulty on arrival or fails within 30 days of arrival the machine should be returned to the supplier for repair or replacement.  Postage costs are the buyer’s responsibility.

The manufacturer of the Sunshine Chi machine advises they have an extremely low return rate – just 1%. They pride themselves on quality and expertise with both manufacturing and the checking of each machine before it is dispatched. We, at Sunshine Yoga, also check the machine to ensure it turns on and the remote control and the ankle cradle are active.

For your comfort, this is a great addition to enhance your Sunshine Chi experience. Placing ankles in the ankle cradle with the sheepskin cover fitted means there is no discomfort whatsoever whilst the Sunshine Chi is moving from side to side. This Australian made pure Sheepskin Cover is a new addition for use with the Sunshine Chi Machine.

The sheepskin cover is washable in cold water on a slow/wool cycle.  Dry slowly out of the sun. Drying quickly makes the leather on the back become brittle.


We are loving the Chi Machine. My husband and I use it twice a day and love the complete relaxation after it stops. My sons – 20 and 21 – are using it too. They are fit, however they are enjoying adding the zen chi into their daily exercise/rolling/stretching routine.

We bought a Chi Machine for my disabled son 21 years ago. We replaced the motor once and now it is beyond repair, hence my buying your Zen Chi Machine. It is such a non-intrusive way of getting daily circulation and blood flow improvement which is of extreme importance for maintaining my son’s health.  FA Nth Brisbane

I bought my first Chi Machine 20 years ago and have never put it away. It is the most marvellous little machine for so many reasons – energy, relieving pain, relaxing, sleeping better and sometimes it just makes me stop so I can’t do anything for 10 minutes!! BT, Perth

I am enjoying my Sunshine Chi machine and am going slow and steady as I have a sore knee (torn meniscus and burst baker’s cyst). Thank you for your advice to place a pillow under my knee for support whilst it is still a bit painful.

I received my Zen Chi Machine yesterday and I am already loving it! Thank you for your lovely letter. You have lovely energy which I sense strongly. Thank you also for the good work you are doing to bring healing to our world. MB, NSW

I looove the sheepskin cover. I can now deeply relax into the wonderful movement. This is the perfect addition and thank you so much for making it available for purchase.  AJ Brisbane

Am sending feedback for the new Zen Chi Machine which I am really enjoying very much! The most important thing for me, due to the disability I have, is the deep ankle cradles – even with the sheepskin cover my legs stay in place, which was a real problem with the previous model.   I am finding my way with the different speeds and vary between 3 and 5 depending on my mood. I like the easy time selection and it is great to have a power switch on the machine itself. The light on the control switch can be turned off when the machine is not in use is great, as I can leave it plugged in.  Overall, this model I think is far more superior than the previous one.  RB, QLD

The Chi Machine is going really well. I am, noticing changes already …  sleeping better; muscles are freeing up and even my husband is getting in to using it. I’ve been using the Zen Chi for 15 years. This is my third machine, and I just can’t live without them!  JP, Sunshine Coast

Wikipedia:  The Chi Machine is a passive aerobic exercise device, developed and first manufactured in Japan in 1998 by Skylite Industry company president and engineer Keiichi Ohashi. The Chi Machine was granted a patent by Japan’s Patent Office, 1s8l December 1990 which expired in 2010.

The Sunshine Chi Machine brings Eastern theories of energy healing (acupressure, qigong, yoga, meditation), to balance and invigorate the flow of Chi energy. This restores an equal flow of Chi to balance the body and mind.

The Chi Machine is being used successfully in some Australian hospitals to treat lymphoedema (blocked lymph vessels).


Chi is the energy current that runs through our body and provides us with circulation, nutrients, and minerals that we need for our overall health and wellness. In traditional Eastern medicines and practices, chi is thought to be the life force and ultimate measure of one’s vitality. Chi is what courses through our body along meridians (energy channels in the body) and controls the movement of blood. Deficiencies of chi can be caused from lack of sleep, food, (diet) shelter, clean water, fresh air, and other physical elements the human body needs in order to function properly. Also, insufficient mental stimulation, love and social interaction creates imbalance of chi.


My personal journey with the Chi Machine commenced 30 years ago. I had lower back pain and was a stressed small business owner. I was also recovering from injuries received from a motorcycle accident and had a damaged knee to heal. This machine was a game changer for me and I haven’t stopped using it since!
The benefits still continue to be immense and mostly these days I use it for increasing energy and to get my mind to switch off and relax as an add-on to my regular yoga practices. I often experience wonderful meditations whilst relaxing on the Sunshine Chi Machine. I use this ‘zen’ time to listen to podcasts, relaxation music or inspiring stories. It has become my most precious time. This little machine I would never be without. Hence I gifted my children a Zen Chi 25 years ago, and their children are now using them.
I know, with time, you will find your own way of using the machine and it will more than likely be for different reasons to mine. However, the most important thing is that you don’t put your Chi Machine in a cupboard or out of site. Please ensure you leave it in a prominent place where you see it and be reminded to ‘do your Sunshine Chi-ing each day’.
All of the above is the reason why I now sell the Sunshine Chi Machine so I can share with others what I have gained for myself and my family and friends.
Warmest …. Lyn Thomas

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 44 × 39 × 32 cm
Sheepskin Colour

Dark Grey, Beige