Group Classes

PRACTICE LEVEL:  beginners to intermediate


Sunshine Yoga
 blends body, mind, emotions and soul with postures (asanas), yoga routines (vinyasa), breathing techniques (pranayama), movement (qi gong), release work (psoas muscle in particular), relaxation and guided meditation.

We incorporate many styles and principles giving you a varied session of gentle, slow, flowing yoga.  Don’t be fooled, it is a powerful and strengthening system.

Sunshine Yoga’s motto … “Experience the Power of Gentleness”

LIVE-STREAM YOGA CLASSES plus Nundah Face-to-Face Class

MONDAY live-stream
EVENING 1-Hour Class

6.30 to 7.30pm
Lyn Thomas is your teacher

  • Live Stream (online)
  • 3-Lesson Intro – $ 55.00
  • Term 10 week – $180.00
  • Casual/Drop In – $ 22 per lesson
  • Concession – $ 20.00 per lesson

THURSDAY live-stream
EVENING 1.5-Hour Class

6.30 to 8.00pm
Lyn Thomas is your teacher

  • Live Stream (online)
  • 3-Lesson Intro – $ 55
  • Term 10 week – $200
  • Casual/Drop In – $ 24 per lesson
  • Concession – $ 22 per lesson

 1.5-Hour .. Face-to-Face Class

9:30am to 11.00am
Rachel Baldock is your Teacher

  • St Pauls Hall Nundah 
  • 3-Lesson Intro – $50
  • Term 10 week – $195
  • Casual/Drop In – $ 23 
  • Concession – $ 20 per lesson
  • Aged Pension – $ 18 per lesson


  • Spare yoga mats available for new students—ask about purchasing a mat from Sunshine Yoga
  • Street and venue parking available. Please be mindful of parking at Sunshine Yoga Sanctuary that you do not block driveways
  • St Pauls Church Hall parking is at the back of the hall via Atthow Street
  • Personal program – authentic yoga catered to your needs
  • Handouts with yoga and health information


  • Yoga Mat (for sale at Sunshine Yoga—spares are available for new students)
  • Cushion (lounge cushion or similar)
  • Rug or similar (cover during relaxation)
  • Water bottle
  • Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for ease of stretching
  • Winter—socks if your feet get cold
  • Eye pillow (optional) – for sale, ask Lyn


Monday and Wednesday Evenings

ONLINE – LIVESTREAM only – CALL 0422 526 560 to book


Friday Morning

72 Buckland Rd & Atthow St, Nundah Qld 4012 (Carpark is at back of hall off Atthow St)

Your Yoga Teachers

Lyn Thomas Sunshine Yoga & Health Yoga Instructor and Health Professional

Founder of Sunshine Yoga & Health & Teacher

dip.IYTA AU;  cert.YTT Ananda Yoga USA

Lyn Thomas (dip.IYTA AUS) and (cert.YTT Ananda Yoga USA) is a yoga and meditation teacher, facilitator and entrepreneur and is the creator and owner of Sunshine Yoga & Health (since 1996). Lyn is one of Australia’s most experienced yoga teachers and also her experience with yoga retreats and holidays is unsurpassed..

Her beginnings in the yoga and health field began when she was just a young child. She emanates passion, authenticity and the true desire to share her knowledge and expertise to the world. She has over the countless years brought hundreds of clients to a point of personal awareness and growth.


Private Classes


There is a time when one-to-one yoga with your teacher is beneficial.  This can be arranged with an agreed time and place.

One-to-One 1-HOUR Tuition

RATE  $80.00

One-to-One 2-HOUR Tuition

RATE  $145.00

Learn More About Sunshine Yoga

  • In each class we offer a vast variety of yoga postures, routines and movement, a lot of focussed breathing plus meditation, a little qi gong (tai chi) and always a 15 minute soothing guided relaxation to end your wonderful sessions.
  • Slow, flowing and focused yoga, where postures are held whilst focusing on breath, allowing time to feel the posture in your body; holding the pose gives time to release tightness and tension from the muscles and joints; and then the body begins the process of building back strength and power. This is done more effectively when tissue is soft and relaxed.
  • In the gentleness there is incredible power and energy.
  • In the holding of postures with the inclusion of conscious breathing, there is amazing energy and strength.
  • In each class there is breath awareness and breathing exercises, and always incorporated is the breath with postures, meditation and relaxation.
  • Psoas muscle release routines is Lyn’s specialty, which is especially good for lower back pain; works on bringing the psoas back to ‘soft and spongy-ness’ and soft.
  • You are encouraged to work at your own pace, learning to ‘feel’ the postures in your body which brings ‘balance’ to the mind.
  • Beginners and practiced yogi’s fit beautifully into these classes which offer continual learning, growing and expansion—on all levels.
  • Contrast is growth.
  • Always variety – each week you will receive something new and different.
  • The class environment offers a wonderful atmosphere of care, with an energy of calm and quiet.
  • Two venues are available: Sunshine Yoga Sanctuary Studio and St Pauls Lutheran Church Hall —both provide comfort and soothing energy for you to absorb and to go deep into your practice.
  • You are in good hands!

1 HOUR and 1.5 HOUR CLASSES On-Line and Face-to-Face