Founder of Sunshine Yoga & Yoga Teacher Lyn Thomas

Lyn Thomas


  • Dip.IYTA AUS 1985;
  • Cert. YTT Ananda Yoga USA 1993;
  • Cert. 12hr Psoas Workshop with Liz Koch 2015;
  • Founder and Director of Sunshine Yoga & Health 1996;
  • Producer of yoga and relaxation videos, dvd’s and cd’s.


My history of yoga and health goes back to the 1960’s when I was a child in New Zealand. I took to it like a duck to water and have never ceased to be involved. I was teaching yoga long before I became ‘qualified’, as was my mother, Marion,  who was also a yoga teacher

Lyn in Pokhara, Nepal 2018

Lyn, Nature Photographer, NZ 2009     

Lyn in Umbria, Italy 2014

This life-long journey has lead me down the path of many health and wellness modalities; yoga and meditationspiritual teachings, personal growth, and integrative medicinecrystal and vibrational therapy, psychology and counselling, vegetarian cooking and organic gardening.  With a natural love of natureadventure and the great outdoors, it was a natural progression to fall in love with the art of nature photography. And let’s not forget my love of motorcycle riding.


Sunshine Yoga & Health was born out of passion and my mother’s wish that I spread the word of yoga and health.  I began, in 1980, organising and teaching weekly yoga classes. For the past 22 years organising, facilitating and presenting specialised yoga workshops (‘time-out days’), along with yoga retreats and international yoga holidays, which I love to do very much.

Lyn, Aunt, Mother Marion 1995


Lyn in Brisbane 1997

Lyn in Pirongia NZ 1961

My work emanates passionauthenticity and a true desire to share my knowledge and expertise with the world. I have over the countless years brought hundreds of clients to a point of personal awareness and growth through yoga, meditation and relaxation.  My sole purpose is to teach people how to take care of themselves whilst practicing yoga, and to achieve long term health and wellness, on all levels.“Being in one’s own personal power is the ultimate to life”, Lyn says.


My style of teaching has changed over the years. As I’ve grown and developed my craft and indeed myself, I have imparted upon my clients my own natural process and progress. One of the valuable lessons I have learned from my early years of practicing very advanced and strong Iyengar yoga, is that tying my body in knots was not necessarily a good thing. Through this experience and my vast experience following, I know that the true essence and the power of yoga is soft and gentle.  Hence Sunshine Yoga & Health’s motto “experience the power of gentleness” is a very personal and heart-felt motto.

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