Nepal/Himalayas Yoga, Trek, Detox Holiday


Any Additional Fees:
Credit card / debit card$800.00$814.00$14.00
Direct bank transfer (EFT)$800.00$800.00$0.00

1 – 20 April 2025
11 – 30 November 2025

19ngt/20day holiday (includes travel time)

aud$800.00 pp    Deposit required at time of booking
Final Payment : required by 1 February 2025 or 11 September 2025

19night/20day all inclusive accommodation & most meals (not whilst in transit), yoga & energisation, 6-day trek includes guides & porters, 5-day Ayurveda detox, transport (not flight Kathmandu to Pokhara), support person at all times.

AUD$5595.00 pp   TwinShare EarlyBird (if paid in full before 30 August 2024 or 30 March 2025)
AUD$6295.00 pp   TwinShare (after 30 August 2024 or 30 March 2025)
AUD$10690.00      Couples Earlybird (paid in full prior to 30 August 2024 or 30 March 2025)
AUD$11995.00       Couples (after 30 August 2024 or 30 March 2025)
AUD$ 950.00 pp   NonShare Supplement (only when available)

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Fitness Level:  medium to high

Every day is a wonderful and inspiring adventure!

Nepal provides extreme experiences … contrasts from truly inspiring to truly confronting. However, we know that contrast moves us through life and creates learning and expansion, and Nepal indeed offers us contrast.

Variety is at a premium on this holiday with the itinerary full of fun and adventure and culture … where we travel to Kathmandu, to Nagarkot, to Chitwan, to Pokhara and then to the amazing Himalayan mountains and forests to trek. We complete our amazing holiday at the new Ayurvedic Health Home facility, in the countryside just outside of Kathmandu.

Lyn goes on to say “A country such as Nepal, which seems to have so little, in fact has so much in so many aspects. I found myself in a state of quiet, slow paced, being in the moment. I felt a deep sense of appreciation, gratefulness, and acceptance.”  She continues, “Yes, there is extreme poverty and corruption. However, once we were out of Kathmandu, and opened to country Nepal, we settled into a more relaxed and accepting mode.  It was such a delight to be amidst the Nepalese people who we found to be so very kind, caring and thoughtful, trustworthy, honest and hardworking. It was an honour to walk together with them.”

The age range of the group is generally around 45 to 75.  The trek, along with all the adventures included in the tour, are suited to most levels of fitness. There is never any rush, we purposely create the itinerary so, as a group, we can stop and smell the roses!! We are big on flexibility and if something will work better in that moment, we are happy to change it.

We end our adventure outside of Kathmandu at the beautiful new Ayurveda (Detox) Health Home facility. In sits within the mountains and natural bushland.  A specially designed Detoxification and Rejuvenation program will fill the 5-day program.  This is incredibly beneficial, inspiring, educational and health provoking.  We will leave this special country feeling healthy, energised and well prepared for whatever is awaiting us at home.

I hope you are ready and able to come on the next amazing journey to Nepal. Please be aware that booking early ensures your place and gives you big savings on your air travel. Small groups are our specialty.

Couples are welcome, including non-yoga partners.


  • Twinshare.   NonShare – if available – additional cost single supplement $900.
  • Some meals will be provided. However, 3 meals are provided at Chitwan,  the 6-day Trek and the Ayurveda Health Home. No meals provided when in transit.
  • Transport by minibus with personal driver to all destinations plus all transfers to and from airport.
  • Lyn Thomas (Sunshine Yoga) and Dipendra Neupane (Juma Trek) are the group leaders.
  • Tour guides, sherpas and local organizers will be with the group throughout designated sections of the tour.
  • Yoga, Qigong, Meditation will be provided throughout the tour.
  • Ayurveda Detox Program which includes massage, steam baths and specially prepared meals at the Ayurveda Retreat Centre, situated just out of Kathmandu.
  • 1 Free Ayurvedic Consultation with Dr Pradeep Neupane in his Brisbane Clinic, prior to departure. Information about the Ayurvedic system will be provided.
  • Kurt Hufer, Sunshine Yoga’s travel consultant will be booking all flights, organizing travel insurance, and directing necessary information for Visa application. Ask Sunshine Yoga about this.
  • part-payment system is available to help you easily plan your amazing journey to Nepal – just a small monthly amount allows you to meet your budget for making your holiday happen. For example: $5850 minus $800 (deposit) divided by 10 months = $505 per month or approximately $125 per week. A wonderful opportunity to make your special holiday a reality.
  • Client Pack

Depart Brisbane or other major Australian airports.
Arrive Kathmandu International Airport.
Passport and Visa required to enter the country. Sunshine Yoga will assist with Visa.
Mini bus transport with personal driver, guides, sherpas and Nepalese personnel support us throughout our stay

 … Kathmandu … Chitwan … Pokhara …  Nagarkot … Annapurna Trail … Ayurveda Health Resort