New Zealand Yoga Holiday


Any Additional Fees:
Credit card / debit card$1,000.00$1,017.50$17.50
Direct bank transfer (EFT)$1,000.00$1,000.00$0.00
Any Additional Fees:
Credit card / debit card$1,800.00$1,831.50$31.50
Direct bank transfer (EFT)$1,800.00$1,800.00$0.00

 23 November to 7 December 2026
14 nights / 15 days

Lake Wanaka and  Reefton
South Island, New Zealand

$ 800    Single Component
$1400  Couples Component

Watch this space …

Watch this space …

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Fitness Level:
medium to high

New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Wrapped up in two islands it is quite astounding just what this stunning country offers.

The South Island is spectacular with many amazing natural wonders. I am taking you on a wondrous journey of adventure, inspiration and beauty.  Moments of yoga, meditation and relaxation.  Breathtaking moments along the way to our destination. Yes, my homeland is indeed a very special and beautiful country. And I would feel privileged to take you on this journey.

We will be staying at Lake Wanaka and also the Maruia Hot Springs in Reefton, on the west coast. There is fun to be had, along with culture,  native wildlife and lush New Zealand bush. And remember, there are no creepy crawlies here to worry about!

Included in our itinerary is yoga, energisation, qigong, meditation and relaxation sessions daily, unless we are in transit. This brings a beautiful connection to your holiday, with yourself and this stunning country. To centre oneself, to align with ‘you’, to breathe deeply and open up to the energy that surrounds you, totally fills your whole being on all levels. Lyn’s 40 years of experience in these specialised holidays, shines through with each adventure.

With the unique itinerary we create here at Sunshine Yoga, you can be guaranteed a holiday of a life-time with memories to feed you for a long long time!  Come on a personal journey with me and return to your home full to the brim with inspiration, connection and bliss.


Deposit required at time of booking

AUD $ 1000.00           per single
AUD $1800.00            per couple


Watch this space for Price and Itinerary

Full payment required 12 weeks prior to departure

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are travelling alone and wish to book twinshare, please be aware that this can only happen if another single person (of the same gender) wishes to twinshare as well. If this scenario does not happen, upgrading to nonshare will be necessary. This will incur an additional cost. We always do our best to accommodate all clients’ preferences.


Lyn will put you in touch with her travel consultant, Kurt Hufer for all flights and transfers, along with comprehensive travel insurance which is compulsory.   


Sunshine Yoga & Health provides a part payment plan to assist in making your holiday a reality. Many clients have achieved their special holiday by paying a small amount each month. Please contact Lyn for details and set-up, which is adjusted to your requirements


Payments and deposits are non-refundable. Compulsory comprehensive travel insurance with a cancellation component covers costs with a valid and accepted reason for non-travel.