One-to-One 1 hour Yoga Tuition


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Learn meditation, a wide variety of yoga postures and movement, a little qi gong and always a 15 minute guided relaxation to end your wonderful session
Slow, focused and flowing yoga where postures are held whilst focusing on breath, allowing deep release.
In the gentleness there is incredible power.
In the holding of postures and including conscious breathing, there is strength
In each class there is breath awareness and breathing exercises, incorporating breath with postures and meditation.
Psoas muscle release routines, especially good for lower back pain; works on releasing tension, tightness and pain from the body.
You are encouraged to work at your own pace, learning to ‘feel’ yoga in the body to bring ‘balance’ to the mind.
Beginners and practiced yogi’s fit beautifully into these classes which offer continual learning, growing and expansion—on all levels. Contrast is growth.
Always variety – each week you will receive something new and different.
A wonderful atmosphere of care with an energy of calm and quiet.
Two venues – Sunshine Yoga Sanctuary and St Pauls Lutheran Church Hall —both provide comfort and good energy for you to absorb into your practice.
You are in good hands!