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It is amazing how different you feel after just one day of yoga, movement, meditation and relaxation. Most of us have experienced such issues as stress, anxiety, depression, pain and overwhelm. A Time-Out day can shift and move these issues, so we return home feeling stronger and more at ease. Life really does feel easier.

Sunshine Yoga and Health has been offering these wonderful Time-Out Days since 2001. Lyn continually prepares variation to the programs year after year. This allows you, the student, to experience new and interesting yoga and health practices to increase knowledge and personal development.

We offer a gentle approach which slowly yet powerfully encourages your muscles and joints to open and release, freeing tension, pain, congestion and tightness. Flexibility then becomes a natural progression. When you are intently aware of breath and use breath whilst holding postures, you are taken to another level of freeing up your body and mind, which is often caused by stress and anxiety.

Meditation and deep relaxation are indeed ancient practices that the modern world is only now acknowledging as beneficial to mental health, in particular. I know it to be beneficial for our ’whole being’ however. 


To be Advised – Sunday

9.30am to 3.30pm



Sunshine Yoga Sanctuary

10 Alicia St

Nundah Brisbane Queensland Australia



  • Take Buckland Road to the end – T-section – and turn right onto Hedley Avenue
  • Alicia Street is opposite the Historic Cemetery


AUD$ 110.00      Adult Standard

AUD$  95.00       Pensioner/Concession


FULL PAYMENT required with Booking



Payments are non-refundable. A replacement person is acceptable.



An Example of the program

9.00 to 9.30am            Sign In

9.30 to 11.40am          Intro to Sunshine Yoga, Breath, Joint Releases/Psoas Muscle Releases, using postures and movement.

11.35 to 12noon          Meditation and Guided Relaxation


1.00pm to 1.30pm       Breath, Meditation and Qigong

1.30 to 3.00pm            Yoga Vinyasa – a slow, flowing, yoga routine which includes lying, sitting and standing poses

3.00 to 3.30pm            Guided Relaxation and Farewell Circle


  • Fresh-made nourishing lunch
  • Tea, coffee, herb teas
  • Personal client pack
  • Full day, specially designed, varied yoga and health program


  • Yoga Mat – spare mats are available
  • Cushion or Bolster
  • Rug or large towel
  • Water bottle
  • Loose-fitting clothing – jumper and socks in winter


Sunshine Yoga Sanctuary is a delightful and relaxing studio. We have just 12 clients at our Time Out Days which creates an intimate and personal experience. You will receive from the day what you came for – connection, relaxation and exercise, leaving with the best feeling ever!



  • Fresh made nourishing lunch which could include: soup/crusty bread/green salad/quiche/rice or chicken salad/muffins/chocolate slice/fresh fruit
  • Fresh herb tea, plunger coffee, tea
  • Cow’s milk/coconut and almond milk




Thank you for an absolutely blissful Time Out Day yesterday.  I haven’t felt so relaxed, in tune with my body and inner self in years.  The nourishing lunch was simply amazing.  Namaste.  JL x


I thoroughly enjoyed my first Time Out Day. I certainly got a lot out of it.  After a hectic few months it was just what I needed. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and a fabulous person!  Diane


What a wonderful gift you gave us on Sunday. It was all great. Thank you. Leesa


Thank you so much for  organising the “Time Out” Day on Sunday. I came away feeling so revived and relaxed. I always enjoy the day. John


I am very grateful to you for organising such a well-run and varied program. The food was most delicious too. I look forward to the next one.  Amelia


Thank you so much for a wonderful day.  I absolutely enjoyed every minute. There were some very ‘special bits’ that touched and resonated deeply for me. The food was great, spending time with you was fantastic and at the end of the day and even still now, I actually feel taller!!!  Helen

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