BIOHAWK RELIEF Powder 200g Natural Digestion Aid


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by Founder of BioHawk – Clifford J Hawkins BSc PhD DSc

If food intolerances and allergies are disrupting your life, or you have digestion problems, which unfortunately most of us do these days? There is a solution!

BIOHAWK GINGER PRODUCTS: digest proline – rich proteins in foods and drinks

Biohawk’s Relief is itself a food made from three ginger spices: culinary ginger, turmeric and galangal.  The natural ginger enzymes are very efficient in digesting other food proteins that are rich in the amino-acid, proline.


Available  in:
  200g $145.00 incl. tax
    40g $48.00 incl. tax

RELIEF is a dry powder made from the three gingers, stable at ambient temperatures, taken after meals and used in food preparation.

How do I take Relief? 
Experience has shown Relief is best taken:

Method 1

  • take after breakfast and after dinner 
  • the amount taken is relative to your body weight:  ½ level teaspoon for 60kg twice a day, and proportionally less or more depending on your weight.
  • for more serious conditions, increase up to 1 level teaspoon after 3 meals for 60kg body weight.
  • it is taken in water or a juice.

Method 2

  • sprinkle the powder over your food
  • do not use that much that it changes the taste of your food
  • this method works well with children who benefit immensely from this product

Ingredients: dry powder – blend of Zingiberaceae (ginger) spices

Store sealed in a cool dry place.

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