A Queensland grown pineapple has high levels of bromelain. It also has high levels of an enzyme that removes the carbohydrate coating from the proline-rich membrane proteins on some viruses and some ‘bad’ bacteria.

Originally the pineapple flesh was crushed and sold frozen. More recently the crush is freeze-dried and milled. This makes a powder that is added to water to give a solution with some pulp in it.

The pineapples are now crushed, the liquid separated from the solids. The solids and some liquid are freeze-dried to give two separate products. One is the Pine Crush Powder and the other is the Pine Boost Powder (a commercial product)  respectively.   The remaining liquid is frozen for sale as a commercial product called Pine Boost.

PINE CRUSH Powder – natural digestive aid

Pine Crush, a dry powder, is a freeze-dried liquid extract, stable at ambient temperatures but hydroscopic.  The pack is 16g – 4 x 4g achets. The pack MUST be sealed. The powder is dissolved in water. It makes up to 250ml.

It is best taken when required to remove a carbohydrate coating from a proline-rich protein to aid in the digestion of such proteins using the Biohawk ginger products.

How do I take Pine Crush?

Pine Crush solution made from dissolving the powder in water and making the solution up to 250ml. The levels taken are:

1/2 teaspoon for an infant under 10kg

1 teaspoon for a child under 30kg

2 teaspoons (dessertspoon) for anyone over 30kg. Suggested twice a day prior to meals, increase to 3 times a day for serious conditions.


Dry powder of pineapple juice.


Powder needs to be sealed in a cool dry place.  Liquid needs to be stored in the refrigerator.


Important Information:

Supplements that inhibit Biohawk’s food enzymes

Specific metal supplements, vitamin supplements, and baby formulas that include metals such as zinc, iron, copper, manganese, cobalt, and chromium inhibit the ability of the enzymes to digest proteins because these metals bind to the enzymes’ active site.  Biohawk’s 2-step plan releases all the nutrients in food including metals after the enzymes have digested the proline-rich proteins.  The need for metal supplements is reduced. Silver metal colloid drinks, and oxidising compounds also inhibit the enzymes. The oxidising compounds include chlorine added directly into the water supply especially in chicken sheds, and peroxide that some people consume because of its perceived health benefits, or because they unknowingly consume because peroxide levels are high in some honeys, vegetable oils, and especially in green smoothies made with high-powered blenders that break down cells.  Anion supplements where the anion is large, such as selenite, also block the enzymes.

The solution is to take any specific supplement prescribed for a clinical deficiency at a different time in the day from when you take the Biohawk products (separated by at least an hour), choose honeys and oils that are not rich in peroxide, and use a lower speed blender conditioning the greens with Biohawk’s ginger before blending.


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