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Sunshine Yoga is the style. However it is closely related to Hatha Yoga. Sunshine Yoga is a style developed over several decades of practising in a variety of yoga and exercise programs, including qigong, energisation exercises and release work.

Its focus is to provide a safe and harmonious program for the average person off the street - the busy, stressed and anxious person, who needs a more simple and uncomplicated system combining postures, stretching, breathing, meditation and guided relaxation.

Yes, yoga and pregnancy is a brilliant combination if you chose an appropriate style. I would not recommend Bikram, Iyengar or Ashtanga styles especially if you have not been practicing yoga. However, so much depends on the teacher, rather than the style. All styles can and are modified, therefore follow your instincts and chose the teacher that 'feels' right to you. If the style feels too strong, then seek out another style or teacher.

The more gentle styles such as Sunshine Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Dru Yoga, Restorative yoga or specialised Yoga & Pregnancy classes, to name but a few. The teacher is often the key to whether a class is appropriate or not, rather than the style.

Yes, classes are mixed. There has been a noticeable increase in male participation in the Sunshine Yoga classes over the last few years.

Yes, for most injuries or pain, yoga is very therapeutic. Because Sunshine Yoga offers a gentle, focused and slow program, sore backs, necks, knees and other injuries can be greatly improved and indeed often healed.

Remembering that often the body just wants to relax in order for it to heal and that is why learning to breath deeply, stretch gently, switch off your mind and practice complete relaxation, is the key to health and wellbeing.

Most definitely. This is what yoga is all about - slowly becoming flexible. Sunshine Yoga offers a gentle approach that slowly but powerfully encourages your muscles and joints to open and release, freeing tension and tightness. Using breath awareness with your postures and learning to relax your mind will indeed help your body to loosen so you will experience flexibility.

It doesn't matter how inflexible you are, with regular practice you will be amazed how quickly your body responds. Remembering that the body is linked with the mind - which means that we need to also quieten and relax the mind in order to achieve a more open and relaxed body that will stretch.

Yes, you are very welcome! Sunshine Yoga retreats and holidays are perfect for the newcomer to yoga as well as the experienced. However, please let us know, when booking, if you are new to yoga practices.

There is a very balanced yoga content over the weekend, which is mixed with breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation and walking, with free time for you to rest and relax on your own if you wish. Your meals are an important part of your weekend with healthy choices that add to enhancing your wellness and health.

You are, at any time, free to choose an alternative activity or non-activity. There is always flexibility.

NO, definitely not! Sunshine Yoga is a gentle, yet powerful system of yoga that anyone can practice safely. Moving into your postures with breath awareness subtely allows you to take your body only go to a place of stretch that is pain free - a good stretch without strain. Body awareness and being in the moment are the keys to safe and well balanced yoga practices.

Yes, there are styles of yoga that do of course focus on the more dynamic and advanced methods of posture work and take you into pretty amazing poses. This however is not what "health and wellbeing" is all about for the average person and certainly not for long term practice

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