Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island

Islands are special places that capture our imagination in some fascinating way. Perhaps it is the mystical feeling of being on an island, isolated, remote, quiet, that we connect and discover a part of ourselves we don’t seem to find on the ‘mainland’.

Lord Howe Island is a small island off the East Coast of NSW, Australia. It has less than 400 permanent inhabitants and less than 400 visitors at any one time. The main mode of transport is pushbike or by foot. There are very few cars and the speed limit is 25km per hour.

More than 85% of the island is still covered in its native forest and 75% of the island is completely protected with a Permanent Park Preserve. A Marine Park extends 12 nautical miles all around the island.
Ian Hutton, a permanent resident, author and naturalist says “living on Lord Howe Island is like living inside a David Attenborough documentary!” Indeed it is, with rainforest, rare endemic birds, palm forest, high cliffs with 14 seabird species that breed each year without predators, a mountain to hike which enters you into a mysterious ‘coal age’ mist forest, clad with mosses, ferns and ancient flowering plants most of which are totally restricted to that environment. Snorkel over a sparkling realm of colourful corals and fish, walk on the beautiful white soft sand, swim in the clear turquoise sea, or sit under a shady tree and read, in silence.

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Off the east coast of NSW, Australia. One and half hour flight from Brisbane or Sydney.
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